by b.shigley on January 2, 2013

“Scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Brandi Shigley was one of my smartest business decisions.  She is a highly experienced professional who shared her wisdom of overcoming barriers, and executing the steps necessary to take projects to the next level.  She is a powerful visionary, and has no problem understanding the needs, and goals, of her clients.  Brandi was attentive, and focused on exactly what I wanted to accomplish.  She helped me to create a solid structure that broke down the complex stages of strategy and development.  After our consultation, I knew exactly how to prioritize my tasks, and had a newfound clarity of my vision. 

Brandi is a rare consultant – one who truly respects an entrepreneur’s passion, but also has the business knowledge required to turn concept into creation.  I highly recommend a one-on-one consultation to anyone looking to strengthen foundations, overcome challenges, and/ or organize their execution process.   She is an incredibly valuable resource for entrepreneurs.”

 Rachel Lataitis        

Founder of Mali Mamas

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