Testimonial from Petals Fine Gardening

by b.shigley on January 24, 2012

One of the most fun things I love about being a business owner is all of the wonderful clients that I get to work with. It’s a personal experience and I’m able to get a taste of a “day in the life of” each of my clients. My clients continue to inspire me and challenge me to do my best.

This is a testimonial that I got from Kara Burke, gardener extraordinaire. When she’s not giving garden tips on 9News (NBC), she’s helping others to create the perfect garden space.

I walked into Brandi’s studio with a dream, a tea bag and a type-face and asked her to put together a website and “Brand” for my new business.  She turned the tea bag flower into a magical, spot-on logo for Petals, softened the type-face and exploded it all with living color.  Really.  I needed a seat belt just to look at it.

She’s L.A. art scene with a blush of French sophistication.  She’s got an awesome head for business topped with a Facinator  to die for.  She’s cutting edge design backed by a western hand-shake kind of trustworthiness.

I have tracked my marketing…..when I ask, Why did you chose Petals?  Over 80% begin with….well, after I saw your website……And it’s the website that nails the sale so to speak….

Brandi took what I do and made it touchable and seductive and necessary.

-Kara Burke | Petals Fine Gardening

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