Welcome to B.23 Productions!

As an entrepreneur for over a decade, I truly believe that life is about doing what you love and loving what you do. One of my missions is to be able to not only guide but execute the steps it takes to get your business going. Schedule an appointment and let’s see if we might be a good match for each other as you take your dream and turn it into life!

Why B.23? On my 23rd birthday, I discovered that my biological mother had me when she was 23. I was born at 2:23. On my 23rd birthday, I realized that it doesn’t matter what chromosomes make me me, it’s up to ME to create my own roots to do what I love and love what I do! That year, I graduated from college, became a United States citizen and started my first business designing my b.shigley designs handbags.

My mission is to help others create their roots and that’s why I started B.23 Productions! Hello and nice to meet you!


“Scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Brandi Shigley was one of my smartest business decisions.  She is a highly experienced professional who shared her wisdom of overcoming barriers, and executing the steps necessary to take projects to the next level.  She is a powerful visionary, and has no problem understanding the needs, and goals, of her clients.  Brandi was attentive, and focused on exactly what I wanted to accomplish.  She helped me to create a solid structure that broke down the complex stages of strategy and development.  After our consultation, I knew exactly how to prioritize my tasks, and had a newfound clarity of my vision. 

Brandi is a rare consultant – one who truly respects an entrepreneur’s passion, but also has the business knowledge required to turn concept into creation.  I highly recommend a one-on-one consultation to anyone looking to strengthen foundations, overcome challenges, and/ or organize their execution process.   She is an incredibly valuable resource for entrepreneurs.”

Rachel Lataitis | Founder of Mali Mamas


“Brandi took a dream I had to open an online shop that honored my Grandparents and created a branding strategy that fit my vision for the company. Her consulting made my business look and feel legit and that enabled me to impress important partners and get my foot in the door. Her encouragement and optimism also inspired me to keep going when things got tough.”

- Ian Kennedy Ruby + George


I walked into Brandi’s studio with a dream, a tea bag and a type-face and asked her to put together a website and “Brand” for my new business.  She turned the tea bag flower into a magical, spot-on logo for Petals, softened the type-face and exploded it all with living color.  Really.  I needed a seat belt just to look at it.

She’s L.A. art scene with a blush of French sophistication.  She’s got an awesome head for business topped with a Facinator  to die for.  She’s cutting edge design backed by a western hand-shake kind of trustworthiness.

I have tracked my marketing…..when I ask, Why did you chose Petals?  Over 80% begin with….well, after I saw your website……And it’s the website that nails the sale so to speak….

Brandi took what I do and made it touchable and seductive and necessary.

Kara Burke | Petals Fine Gardening